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About Us

We are a New Haven established business.


B-Natural Café is a boutique Café with two locations in downtown New Haven, Connecticut.


Both locations are unique and offer the widest selection of coffees and loose leaf teas from around the world, as well as an all natural, organic juice and smoothie bar.  We pride ourselves on selecting only the finest coffees, teas, fruits and vegetables grown in the most organic way possible, while never compromising quality for quantity.


Some of the countries we import our coffees and teas from include, but are not limited to, Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Boliva, Dominican Republic, East Timore, Brazil, and Bolivia, to name a few.


We also carry are large selection of freshly squeezed fruit juices, smoothies, food items, salads, and snacks, and a growing inventory of Woodland and B-Natural Café merchandise, which can be purchased within our stores.


Founded in 2004, the company has become established as a New Haven destination for locals, students, visitors, and tourists. We have a large customer base of Yale Students, and are proud of our relationship in providing excellent service and an ever expanding range of menu items.


The company is working to expand its café operations and locations in the near future, and our clients can soon look forward to greater convenience as we expand to other towns and cities.

Supporting Local Initiatives

We support various local institutions within the New Haven community with donations and sponsorships. 
We would also like to thank the New Haven Advocate for their favorable review of our Cafes and menu offerings.


Our processes are Friendly to the Environment.  We use mostly ceramic cups and dishes at both our locations, to minimize our usage of paper cups and disposable plates and utensils.  For take-away items our package uses renewable and recyclable materials only.


For local colleges and universities within New Haven and the state of Connecticut

eat . drink . Feel good

eat  .  drink  .  feel good

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About Us


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